Monday, October 20, 2008

for sure your boy

this was originally posted on the old bummed, stoked (, but i wanted to change the url to make sense? word. there was also a video in there somewhere. i'll put it on later. i forgot to bring my camera usb connector cable thingy to work. that last sentence just reminded me that i work with computers all day and do fairly complicated things with them, but i still call technological accessories the dumbest names because i don't know what any of the shit is called...except the dongle. fucking right, i know what a dongle is.

the other day, my friend miles got married in portland. i went there and it was fun.

ben came and picked me up from the max. i never broed down with this fool that much when he lived in baton rouge, but now he's one of my favorite people to hang out with.

jordan works at the ill vegan deli spot.

these folks made me feel like a family member...except that i would probably do it with each one of them. whatevs.

first homie ever married.

i'm fairly certain i punched matt barry in the face that night after he climed on top of a traffic light. no bigs.

stoked on burnside morning sesh.

back dee behind a tree.

acoustic sesh.


then i found this mannequin head...
i brought it with me into a grocery store on the corner of belmont and something, and the guy working there was so bummed on it that asked me to leave.

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