Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Ryan, Coach Moore, Nunez, and I went on a mission to Florida. I never broed down too much with Nunez before this trip, so it was good having him along. I kind of forgot how being a weird dude and a skateboarder makes it really easy to get along with other weird dude skateboarders. Some of these are Ben Moore photos. Most of them are me using Ben's camera because my battery died. Hence the better looking photos.

ryan and nunez not getting in wrecks

chris coogan rips. he also kind of got my ID taken one time, which led to me spitting on a door guy, which led to me not going to this bar anymore, which led to me not drinking as much. thanks chris. obviously a ben moore photo.

alex pulled this pick and it sounded like fucking tampa am bangers and shit. mad yelling from the floridians at the plus TF that rolled like 25 deep. also ben moore photo.

then we crashed at keith's pad. ultimate skate nerd wonderpad.

P-cola sucks way harder than BR, but they still got the ill slab spots.

before we rolled out, ryan and I got 5-year old lefthanded retard tats.

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Two Bit said...

nice tattys boys.